Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Trust Administration

We assist banks and other trustees in ensuring trust compliance. We provide experienced, affordable legal services, and help clients in providing counsel when our clients encounter difficult trust matters. We also provide the direct administration of trusts, including those which we have drafted.

When drafting Trust Agreements, we address a range of issues with our clients, including: potential tax consequences, selection of appropriate fiduciaries, avoiding conflicts among children and other beneficiaries, children’s trusts and charitable trusts, long-term monitoring and administration, and creating realistic expectations for the survival of long-term trust documents.

Trust Disputes

We assist individuals who believe an egregious error has been made in a trust distribution or during trust administration. Not all administrators have the vast expertise necessary to properly deal with every possible situation. Sometimes, errors are made. We can help by correcting those errors and seeing to the correct completion of the individual’s wishes.

We also represent trustees where a trust needs interpretation or where a beneficiary is challenging a trustee’s decisions. If unforeseen problems occur, we have the background necessary to resolve issues and maintain the best possible outcome for the trust. We have strong relationships with local banking institutions that allow us to facilitate issue resolution and oversee trustee relationships and trust administration.

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