Probate Administration

Probate Administration

Probate Lawyers – We Help Clients With All Aspects of Estate Administration

Our attorneys understand that a family has so much to deal with immediately following the death of a loved one.

We can take the worry away from clients by appearing in court, paying bills, communicating with creditors and insuring compliance with Michigan Estate and Protected Individuals Code (“EPIC”). When necessary, we are available to assist families if estate or trust disputes arise in the course of probate administration.

In situations where the deceased did not have a will, we provide legal guidance according to the legal guidelines on intestate distribution.  If you have been named as a Personal Representative for an estate, we understand that you likely will have many questions.  We will be there for you, and will take the time to answer all of your questions and guide you through the probate process.

How We Assist Clients

In probate matters, we offer counsel to clients regarding the following:

  • Being named as the personal representative by the probate court. Although you may have been designated to fill this role in the will of your loved one, you still must be formally appointed to serve in this role.  If your loved one died without a will, we can help you in seeking an appointment to serve as the personal representative.
  • Accounting for the assets of the estate, and administering the same. An important role of the personal representative will be to identify the assets, gather or account for the same, and act to preserve estate assets during the administration process.  For instance, some assets (such as a house) may require upkeep, or require that taxes and mortgage payments continue to be made.
  • Paying or discharging debts of the decedent. As the personal representative, it is your responsibility to pay the proper bills and debts of the decedent out of the estate assets (you do not need to pay any money of your own if there are insufficient assets available to do so).  We assist clients in ensuring that these matters are handled.  We can also advise you as to how to proceed if a debt is not proper.
  • Hiring a CPA to prepare and file final tax returns. If the decedent did not have a CPA, we take can take of hiring a CPA to fulfill this obligation.
  • Ensuring that the distribution of assets are made in accordance with applicable law and/or your loved one’s will. Often, creative solutions will be required, such as the sale of a house and distribution of proceeds to the surviving children of a decedent that did not leave a will. We can help make sure that such distributions are properly made.
  • Preparing and making all required legal filings. We fully assist you to take care of this obligation.

We understand that if you’ve never served as a Personal Representative before, you will have questions and concerns. With our experience, we can guide you through the requirements above, so that there will be more time to recover for your loss.

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