Municipal Law

Municipal Law

Municipal Law Lawyers

We are available to provide advice and counsel to municipalities in Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana

Municipal Law includes matters concerning drafting, implementing, and enforcing ordinances relating to zoning laws and violations, township regulations, industrial and real estate development, property tax assessments, and other local matters.  It also includes administrative and court actions that may arise for the municipality.

Our firm has long represented local municipalities in these and other matters.  We are keenly aware of the challenges that municipalities face, which often concern balancing the business and public interests of various constituencies.  Aspects such as zoning, real estate, and ordinances are often in a state of change as municipalities grow and their needs change.

We routinely advise municipal officials and managers concerning these and other issues.  In addition to providing counsel on the laws and ordinances being drafted, we also provide advice on the interpretation of such laws and ordinances.  Often, these matters arise in connection with the business matters or concerns of individual citizens.  In these instances, we additionally advise our municipal clients of options or strategies that comply with the applicable laws and ordinances, consistent with municipal objectives, and further the business concerns of concerns of the individual residents.

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