Small Business

Small Business

Sturgis, Southwest Michigan, and Michiana Small Business Lawyers

We admire the spirit of the small business – after all, we are one too.

When a decision is made to start a business, there are many issues that need to be addressed, including:

  • What is the best business form from tax and legal perspectives?
  • Who will own the business, and what capital contributions will be made?
  • How do business owners protect themselves and their businesses if intractable differences arise among the owners?
  • Will the business have employees, and if so, what needs to be done to comply with employment laws?
  • Will the business lease office space, and how can it ensure that it receives favorable lease terms?
  • How will the business protect its assets, including valuable intellectual property?
  • What can be done to minimize potential employee litigation and other risks?

As business lawyers, we provide counsel to entrepreneurs and owners concerning these and many other matters.  It is critical that businesses not only get off to the right start, but also that they address potential matters (such as ownership differences) at the outset so that the impact of these issues can be minimized if they arise.

Providing Guidance as Your Business Grows

We want to invest the time to learn about your business and its objectives.  By learning about your business, we can better respond when issues arise by providing counsel consistent with your company’s goals and objectives.

Upon request, we can also work with you to identify likely potential sources of risk, and develop proactive measures that can be taken to minimize or reduce risk (recognizing that it is not possible to identify or reduce all potential risk sources).

We additionally provide counsel and representation with respect to a wide variety of operational, transactional, and adversarial matters, including matters associated with labor and employment, commercial law, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property, mergers and significant transactions, and business disputes.

We Serve the Long-Term Interests of Business

We have been fortunate to have helped form and represent a number of local businesses, many of whom we have served for decades.  We would look forward to learning about your business and helping to contributed to its success.

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